This is an informative website for lawn care and maintenance.  I have spent a lifetime in the lawn care business and know all of the ins and outs.  The purpose of this site is to inform the general public about some of the most common lawn care problems and methods of lawn maintenance.  As a homeowner, I know the importance of proper lawn care and maintenance.  Its no secret that a well kept lawn can improve the overall appeal and value of your property.

From pest control to proper lawn mowing techniques, there is no subject that is off limits on this website.  Please feel free to add comments to any of my posts.  And if you have some advice that I do not have listed in one of my posts, feel free to add it as that is the whole point of a website such as this.  I want to make this site a place where homeowners and lawn care technicians can come to learn something new or share their own knowledge.  Unless of course you are competing with your neighbor for the “best lawn on the street” please feel free to share your secrets.

So welcome to my site.  I am glad you are here and hope you can learn how to better care for your lawn. I hope that my lifetime of experience is of some value to you and your loved ones.  Good luck and I hope to hear from you soon!